2014-15 Schedule

All home games are played at the Jones Center, 922 East Emma Ave., Springdale, AR 72764.  The schedule is subject to change.  Be sure to check back on this page and/or our social media before you leave for the rink!

27-8-2 Overall

Date Opponent Location Time/Result
12-Sep vs. Metro State Springdale, AR 6-3 L
13-Sep vs. Metro State Springdale, AR 4-4 T
19-Sep vs. Auburn* Springdale, AR 29-0 W
20-Sep vs. Auburn* Springdale, AR 1-0 W
26-Sep at Oklahoma (D1) Oklahoma City, OK 4-2 L (ENG)
27-Sep at Oklahoma (D1) Oklahoma City, OK 9-2 L
3-Oct vs. RMU-Peoria Springdale, AR 5-1 W
4-Oct vs. RMU-Peoria (Pink the Rink) Springdale, AR 5-1 W
10-Oct at Central Oklahoma (D1) Oklahoma City, OK 5-4 L
11-Oct at Central Oklahoma (D1) Oklahoma City, OK 7-3 L
17-Oct Marquette Springdale, AR 7-0 W
18-Oct Marquette Springdale, AR 7-3 W
20-Oct at Ole Miss* Olive Branch, MS 8-2 W
21-Oct at Ole Miss* Olive Branch, MS 3-1 W
24-Oct Midland University (D1) Springdale, AR 4-1 W
25-Oct Midland University (D1) Springdale, AR 7-2 W
31-Oct BYE
1-Nov BYE
7-Nov at Alabama* Pelham, AL 6-5 L
8-Nov at Alabama* Pelham, AL 4-4 T
14-Nov Missouri State Springdale, AR 5-1 W
15-Nov Missouri State Springdale, AR 5-4 W
20-Nov Clash of the Corn (vs. Wyoming) Sioux Center, IA 4-2 W
21-Nov Clash of the Corn (vs. UNCO) Sioux Center, IA 2-0 W
22-Nov Clash of the Corn (vs. Santa Rosa) Sioux Center, IA 4-1 W
5-Dec Nebraska Springdale, AR 4-3 OTL
6-Dec Nebraska Springdale, AR 9-1 W
9-Jan at Midland University (D1) Fremont, NE 5-3 L
10-Jan at Midland University (D1) Fremont, NE 7-3 W
17-Jan McKendree Springdale, AR 17-0 W
18-Jan McKendree Springdale, AR 15-3 W
23-Jan Dallas Baptist (D2) Springdale, AR 9-1 W
24-Jan Dallas Baptist (D2) Springdale, AR 7-0 W
30-Jan Bradley Springdale, AR 9-1 W
31-Jan Bradley (Senior Night) Springdale, AR 16-0 W
6-Feb SEC Playoffs (Quarterfinals vs. Florida) Pelham, AL 4-1 W
7-Feb SEC Playoffs (Semifinals vs. Vanderbilt) Pelham, AL 7-1 W
8-Feb SEC Playoffs (Championship vs. South Carolina) Pelham, AL 12-2 W
21-Feb vs. Missouri State (D2) Springdale, AR  6-2 W
27-Feb @ Missouri State (D2) Springfield, MO  7:00 PM
28-Feb Red vs. White Springdale, AR 4:00 PM
10-Mar Nationals (vs. Fairfield) Pelham, AL 10:00 AM
11-Mar Nationals (vs. Calvin College) Pelham, AL 10:30 AM
12-Mar Nationals (vs. Florida Gulf Coast) Pelham, AL 4:30 PM
13-Mar Nationals Pelham, AL TBD
14-Mar Nationals Pelham, AL TBD
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